Sunday, December 11

Six Sentence Sunday 11

Hi everyone! After a couple weeks of madness, I'm back once again for another week of Six Sentence Sunday! Click here to view my previous entries.

Quick note to set it up. I have to be honest here. I was going to do my new story, but since I'd mentioned we were getting closer to my favorite part of the scene, I couldn't leave you guys hanging. So here's the last Jungle Heat post for a while. Next week it's my newest release Stolen's turn.
"Something I've wanted to do for a while now. You don't make this easy for me, Rubia." He rolled over carefully. His body hovered over hers, and he pressed his lips against her shoulder and then her neck.

Sensations of pleasure spread between her legs, warming her body to a fever pitch. What were they doing?
Jungle Fire available from Changeling Press.

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