Monday, May 28

Things have been pretty stressful recently and are only now getting smoother and better. Pretty soon I'll be off to see my lovely fiance in Finland, so I'm going to get as much done on the novel as I can, then I'll be editing my novel next month and in July like I'd mentioned before. I can't wait to get it into editing mode. That shall be really nice.

Not too much has been going on. My actual website shall be coming soon, which I can't wait! It'll probably be up in one way or another by Tuesday.

Happy Memorial Day today, by the way! =)

Wednesday, May 16

Five pages. I know I could have pushed for more, but with being under the weather, I think that it wouldn't be in my best interest to do more than I can handle and be up and about more than I can handle. I do have some more ideas floating around now, but I feel like I'm walking through a fog, illness and story-wise. With the story it seems like I'm getting an idea and then once I get through it another one comes along. Almost like the characters are practically having to guide me through. It's pretty interesting. I haven't ever really experienced this kind of think before, especially so close to the end of a novel.


Monday, May 14

Two pages, but I'm pretty tired and cold tonight, plus I really don't have an excellent idea of where the story is heading, which means that I should have worked on plot a bit more earlier today, though that really wasn't able to be worked into my schedule. Tomorrow will be better. I know it will.

Anyways. I should be hearing back on the contest tomorrow.
Six pages today! Hooray! The writing came to me well once again. Now I'm at another point in which I need to do a little bit of plotting before I have a picture-perfect idea of what is going to happen next, but I'm sure it'll all work out well though. Yay!

Mother's Day was pretty good. It was a rather nice, relaxing day. Blood Ties was absolutely fantasic. Henry was quite yummy. Mike wasn't too bad either. I was surprised with myself for thinking that, but it was true. Today's episode storyline wise grabbed me. I barely recognized the fact that time was passing so quickly.

Well... it is WAY past my bedtime. Even my usual late one. Ouch. =/


Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother's Day

Seven pages today! Hooray! I didn't even do half of what I had written down to do. I could probably work on it, too and get more written, but it's 3:00AM and alas, I can't sleep until 1PM tomorrow unfortunately since it'll be Mother's Day, and I'll be having brunch with her. (Breakfast technically because I don't get into that whole brunch thing, but by the time that I'll probably be eating it the average breakfast hours will be over, so it won't technically be breakfast, but oh well. =P)

I went to the RWA meeting today. It was wonderful. Diana Peterfreund spoke about Secondary Characters and Subplots as well as Writing YA Fiction. They were all very, very interesting topics, and I learned a lot out of it. I got several names of agents to check into and a better understanding of how I can spot the different subplots in stories. On a subconscious level it's probably easy to figure out, but when I try to look for things like that I just see story. It's probably a sign that the author did such a great job with sucking me into the story that I don't bothering with trying to hunt it all up, but oh well... lol.

Status on novel: Approximately 56 pages to go, which means I'll probably be done within 14 days.


Friday, May 11

Two pages so far. I'm starting on my writing earlier in the day, but I'm also quite exhausted. A bit discouraged because of outside sources as well, but I just have to let that go. I'm writing because I enjoy it and I know that I can do it. I've had professors and published authors admire and encourage my writing before, so I just have to allow that to be enough to wash away the rest.

If I get anymore done then I'll post the further progress, but I'm not sure if I will or not. I have to wake up bright and early for my local RWA meeting tomorrow. Hooray!

Another six pages are done! Hooray! Wow! I really hit a stride, too, because it only took me less than 45 minutes to do those, which is pretty amazing. Yay! =)

Anyways. I'm going to bed now.


Thursday, May 10

Four pages done today. Hooray! I only have 20% more to go, as told by my progress meter. Exciting...

Well, I'm off to bed to hopefully wake up at a somewhat decent time tomorrow. Maybe I can get myself to start writing before the clock strikes midnight. That would be a nice change. =)


Wednesday, May 9

Six pages! Hip hip hooray! A record has been made! Not that it's one of the best I've done on usual writing terms, but it's new since I've been trying to actively write every day. Approximately 72 pages to go! Yay!

I've actually been developing how this book may end up wrapping up. It's pretty exciting. It actually seems like I have a good idea. Hopefully agents and editors will think the same thing.


Well. I am sleepy, so I must go sleep.


Tuesday, May 8

Five pages done. Hooray! I've broken through some of the lack of ideas. I also calculated how many more pages I'd need until I reach my goal. It would be around 78 pages. 78 divided by 4 pages a day would be 19.5 days until I would be done with my novel. If that's true that I could be expected to finish on the 26th or 27th, which would be pretty awesome. I'd have everything done, and just need to edit it thoroughly. And it will need a thorough editing, but hopefully that won't be too challenging.

That's about all I can think of. I have a headache, so I'm going to be moseying myself off to bed now.


Monday, May 7

Three pages of writing done. It started into the actual filling of a plothole instead of mostly being insane ramblings, which is good. Needless to say I started after 1 a.m. and am not feeling up to a lot of writing tonight. When you start staring at your hair instead of actually typing then things aren't going all that well. At least I got a reasonable amount done. Not the best, but at least it's something.

Blood Ties was absolutely fantasic again. It had a lot of Henry Fitzroy in tonight's episode, which is always wonderful. Sexy sexy vampire...

Sunday, May 6

Three pages done and it's only 6 minutes past midnight, hooray! I'm hoping to get back to my five pages in less than thirty minutes nights, but perhaps I want it too badly to achieve or something. Heck, I don't know. Oh well.

Well, bedtime, I'm tired. I've seen several cat fights tonight made by my dominant little Tada cat, and that has been enough excitement for my evening.

Saturday, May 5

Two more pages written. I'm 75% done with the book, and that number just surprises me... a lot. In a way, I know that I'm probably nearly 3/4ths done, but since my mind isn't 100% sure what exactly is going to happen in part of that 25% still left, I'm just shocked....

Well, it's bedtime. I did work on some plotting today, but most of the time that I was going to spend on writing got instead spent on the fiance, which isn't bad, but wasn't what I was expecting to be using on it. Oh well. Always tomorrow, right? (Technically later today.)


Oh...yeah...and on a sidenote: Happy Cinco de Mayo! (happy fifth of may =P )... I know in what way I shall be celebrating it.

Friday, May 4

I've written two pages yet again. Not exactly the amount of pages that I want, but this time I'm just plain tired. I did reorganize a few chapters/scenes to new locations that would make better sense and also made a few notes on how some of those chapters would work better with the characters, etc.

I had to go clothes shopping today. That horrid event. It was my last day of work for a few months as well. I'm pretty excited about that. I shall very much so relax tomorrow. I'll also work on the plotting of my novel. If I don't then I'm going to end up running out of things to write.

Not too much else I can think of right now.


Thursday, May 3

Two pages, and considering how much garbage I had to deal with from everyone and the very stressful final exam from my psycho professor, I think that's pretty darn good for the day I've had.

Good job for me.


Wednesday, May 2

A quick note to add that I've done 4 pages tonight. Hooray! Especially since I'm still trying to focus on where the story is heading and what I've done that is going to be kept, and then trying to place the good stuff into the areas that I need it.

Ugh. That's what you get when you only outline half of it and then burst out into writing several scenes scattered all over the place because everything you write after your outline runs dry dead ends itself after a while.

It sucks. I'm content with four pages though, so hooray!

Off to bed for me. I have a final exam with (insert several interesting expletives here) tomorrow. Ugh!

Tuesday, May 1

Five pages done. Hooray! I have work tomorrow at 8 a.m. Blah.

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