Monday, August 27

Okay, here's a new post at long last. The editing is taking me way long than I'd expected, but I'm 41% of the way through. Hopefully I've caught on to a decent pace now. I'll post a blog within the next few days about my trips due to much interest from Vicki and Erica. =) Not too much else I can think of.


Thursday, August 9

Not too much new...

Back to Tampa, yet again! First I was in Europe then I came back to Tampa, and then I went to Arizona. Now I am back in Tampa! Hooray that will be the last time I'm going to really be traveling outside of Florida. While I was in Arizona, I entered another RWA contest. This time the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal one.

Not too much else, except now I'm back to editing my novel and hoping to start plotting my next one soon.
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