Sunday, April 28

Sneak Peek Sunday 3

Hey everyone! It's week three of Sneak Peek Sunday

I'm continuing with the next six paragraphs from Jungle Burn, the final book in my Amazon Chronicles series. If you missed past two weeks' posts, scroll down a little. I hope you enjoy the excerpt, and I'd love to know what you think in the comments!

Sabina let out a breath and took him into the trees. They didn't go far, just enough to have some privacy. "Okay. I..." She paused, not knowing how to go about this. Her usual carefree personality stumbled with letting this off her chest. How could she ask him about her needs? "I was wondering..." She shook her head. "I'm sorry for bothering --"

Tiago hooked his index finger under her chin and forced her to look at him. "You're not bothering me. Just let me know what's on your mind." He stared into her eyes, his gaze intense even in the dark night.

"I need sexual release." The words left her lips before she could cage them. "I hear the mated women and men in their huts, and my body burns like it's caught in a bonfire." She licked her suddenly dry lips, and his gaze dropped to take in the swift motion.

"And you've come to me with this request?" His tone was carefully neutral, but the bulge at the front of his jeans spoke louder than his words.

She nodded.

"Your parents would kill me -- hell, my parents would probably help -- if I claimed you without their permission." The wicked quirk of his lips teased her. She wanted to punch him in the face, but that wouldn't help her cause.

Friday, April 26

Flash Fiction Friday - Darkness

Hey everyone,

One of the first things I had published was a Flash Fiction piece, so I've decided to try my hand at some fun Flash Fiction prompts, and instead of keeping the results to myself, I'll be sharing what I do with all of you! :-)

This week's prompt is... Write a story in which something transforms into something else.

If you guys want to join in, feel free! I'd love to read your stories and/or thoughts in the comments.

by Sarah Mäkelä

Darkness blinded me. I knew he should be in this building. They’d taken him, but I refused to give up hope. He wouldn't for me.

Water dripped somewhere in the musky, black hallway, providing the only sound aside from my footsteps. The men had come this way, and a faint energy trail drew me deeper, confirming my hopes that Daniel was still alive.

The connection between us kept me going. Kept me strong.

My foot smacked against something. I froze, not knowing if they could have heard me, even though I couldn't hear them. When I convinced myself they hadn't heard, I walked again, slow and steady.

A light swept the hallway then, and I dove out of the way, knowing what that could be. Daniel had warned me of the guards.

Loud snuffling sounded down the hall where the light had been, and a loud howl followed. Muscle ripped and loud snapping bones sickened me. A blast wave of energy rippled out from the corridor, doubling me over from the force.

Now I knew why Daniel had meant by them not being human. Whoever... whatever was down there had just shape-shifted.

Sunday, April 21

Sneak Peek Sunday 2 - Jungle Burn

Hey everyone! And we're back with another Sneak Peek Sunday

This week, I'm continuing with the next six paragraphs from Jungle Burn, the final book in my Amazon Chronicles series. If you missed last week's scroll down a little. I hope you enjoy the excerpt, and I'd love to know what you think in the comments!

He didn't look too sure about this, but he shut the door and followed her. "Where are we going? Why aren't we talking in my home? There's more privacy in there than out here."

She stopped, turned to look at him, and sighed. "Not really. You know as well as I do, if someone wanted to listen in on our conversation, all they'd have to do is stand outside your door and concentrate. That's not okay with what I need to talk about."

At just that moment, a couple of male werepumas walked by them and looked her up and down. One halted his progress, his eyes flashing upon her as if he wanted nothing better than to push her to the ground and ride her. Her out-of-control hormones were a primary cause for the sudden surge of crudeness she faced, yet her Amazon kin wouldn't understand.

Sabina was different from them. She was the only female werecat in the village, and in many ways, it felt like she'd been cursed. Her parents had forbidden the werepumas to tell her secret, and Kyle -- their leader -- made sure his people knew the lengths he'd go to help make sure the Amazons didn't find out before they were ready. They weren't sure the Amazons would stand behind her as they did her mother, the queen, or even her father or Rubia and Kyle. None of them was a creature next in line for the throne.

Frowning, Tiago shrugged. "Fine. Take me wherever you think is safe."

She walked with him through the village, her gaze set straight on where she was going. Her shoulders were tense, but Tiago used his free hand to squeeze one of them slightly. "Relax," he said.

Sunday, April 14

Sneak Peek Sunday

Hey everyone! I'm trying out something new. Sneak Peek Sunday is where you post 6 paragraphs (no more, no less) from either a WIP or a published work. 

This week, I'm posting the first six paragraphs from Jungle Burn, the final book in my Amazon Chronicles series. I hope you enjoy the excerpt, and I'd love to know what you think!

Sabina Rukan knocked on the door to Tiago's hut. He'd been her closest friend for a while, even though her parents had always preferred her to socialize with the other girls in the village. She didn't really care. Growing up as Princess of the Amazons, she couldn't help a slight feeling of entitlement.

The door to his hut opened, and Tiago stood there shirtless with a faded pair of jeans hugging his hips. He smirked at her with a wicked quirk of his lips.

She trailed her gaze over the muscular expanse of his chest. Seeing all his bare skin made her want to nibble on his torso and bask in its warmth. For the past few weeks, her hormones had gone into overdrive.

She'd noticed the werepuma men taking a greater interest in her, which was embarrassing, and yet her parents were still convinced she wasn't ready to become a woman. If they weren't going to trust her, she needed to take matters into her own hands. She'd known just who to come to.

He took her hand and kissed her knuckles. "Sabina, how are you doing?" His nose twitched a little, and his brown eyes darkened, as they tended to do whenever she came around. He wanted her, and she wouldn't mind having him, either.

"I'm doing well enough. I need to talk with you." She held on to his hand, pulling him out of his hut. With her being a weretiger, she had comparable strength to his, but she'd been taught not to use her full strength from a young age. That would only hurt people around her, which she was very careful about.
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