Wednesday, September 26

The website was updated regarding the summer trip. Also, I am so close to being finished with editing. I have a deadline of myself for getting it finished as Sept. 30th, and I know I can do it. I've even been able to add more to the novel to fill in gaps that I've noticed.

In October, I'm vowing to update my blog more than I have been, but the past is the past. =)

Now for bed.


Monday, September 24


I am almost done with editing my novel. I have approximately 26 pages to go. Hooray! Then I'll be able to start submitting it to agents and editors. I'm so excited. I'll give more information on that as it happens.

Also, I'm almost finished with the page of what I did on my trip. I'll try to have it up on my website by Tuesday. (There is one version up on it now that my husband wrote, but I have some corrections to add.) Sorry for the delay on that. It's been pretty hectic recently.

Well, I'm off to bed as soon as I print out these last few pages of my novel to edit tomorrow.

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