Friday, November 23

End of Day 23

This is just a very brief blog to say that I am at 33415 today. Hooray! I wrote 2,908 words today. Now I'm going to sleep! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday.


Sunday, November 18

End of Day Seventeen

Well, another short blog, but today is the end of day seventeen and I wrote 6,055 words today. Woohoo! I'm really happy about that. Now I have a grand total of 23,213 so far. I hope for tomorrow to be another successful day with lots of writing. I'm feeling pretty good this year. I haven't felt burn out once. Well, not any from writing too much at least.

Hooray! It's bedtime now!


Tuesday, November 13

End of Day Twelve

This is going to be a short blog post tonight, but I really want to share. I wrote 5,063 words today! Woohoo! That makes 13,555 words total! Yay!

Now I'm off to bed.


Sunday, November 11

End of Day Eleven

Well, it is the end of day eleven and I have written 8,492 words so far. I'm a little behind, but there's plenty of time to catch up still. National Novel Writing Month has been another great experience so far. I've had my moments of faultering, but I just have to pick myself back up again and press forward.

The TARA meeting on Saturday was wonderful. Roxanne St. Claire did the workshops and gave me inspiration when I really needed it. I love hearing her speak. She's fun and sincere.

Now I'm off to bed.


Saturday, November 3

End of Day Three

Well at the end of day two I was at 2046 words (total), but I had a math exam on Saturday, which is why I didn't write as much as I was supposed to. Today I've managed to get to 2865 (total). Tomorrow I hope to have a better day of writing, but so far so good! =)

Bedtime now!


Friday, November 2

The End of Day One

I'm just wrapping up the end of day and wrote 1667 words today. The average amount of words that Nano'ers need to write a day to reach 50,000 words by November 30th. I'm feeling so excited about that word count. Yay! That gives me a boost since before I sat down to my evening writing session (I wrote this morning as well), I felt slightly skeptical of my novel idea and not as comfortable or pleased as I had wanted to be with it.

The characters are finally starting to develop some voice. My inner editor is screaming at me almost constantly, but I've been able to ignore him somewhat so far. I haven't given in to major reworking of what I have so far, but I have done a few tweaks here and there and added a bit of description to things previously written, but hey, it's all about word count, right? I tend to spend more time on the first few chapters, I think, since I want to have something solid to start with. With writing challenges like Nano, sometimes that can mess me up, but hooray for day one!

I'm going to write a little bit more, and then I'm off to bed.

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