Wednesday, December 7

I've had another publication recently. It is in an e-publication called Between Kisses, which is my second paying published work. Hooray. =)

I am editing my nano novel now. Just finished the first chapter so tomorrow (and the days following) I'm going to tackle chapter two.

Wednesday, November 30

It's November 30th and as of one hour ago I broke 50,000. I have 50,033 words. I am so excited and happy. It is the first novel that I have ever written in its entirety! Yay! *bounces off the walls* This has been a great month for me, for the most part. ^___~

Friday, November 11

I just had another piece accepted to Runes Mag, so that's good. My second acceptance this month.

As far as NaNo, I've hit 16k so far. I wish that I could just sit back and watch the words appear on the screen. If only life was that easy...

Saturday, November 5

Well, I guess everything is going alright with NaNoWriMo and my writing career. I'm currently at 9616 words on my NaNo novel.

Thursday, November 3

Well... NaNoWriMo has been in full swing for two and a half days now. So far I have written 3563 words, as far as my goal is concerned I was trying for two thousand words a day, which makes me only (as of yesterday, I haven't gotten a chance to write anything so far today) 437 words behind! Not too much. I could knock that out in 15-25 minutes. So far I'm pretty shocked and pleased with my writing. It's surprising that I have been able to squelch my laziness and internal editor this much to actually do it. Now again, it's okay been two and a half days, so I very well might hit those rough patches, but I hope not!

Today is one of my work days, so I'll be able to get a lot of writing done today. I don't have to do too much at work, so I tend to do quite a bit of... well... editing in the past on one of my WIPs and working on the outline for my NaNoWriMo. Now I can see how much I can write! Woot!

In other news, I've heard back on one of my submissions. I had submitted to an anothology and gotten word back on it by the editor to edit it, so I did that then he said that he would put it in his to be considered further pile, so I waited and now he has said that he likes my poem and would like to publish it in one of his other publications because it doesn't really fit with the anthology too well. So that is pretty exciting as well. This would be my second paying publication.

That's about it for now!

Wednesday, October 19

Okay, so today I have finished this week of University, YES! Now I'm on Fall break. I started it out with a bang, too. I submitted 4 out of the 5 submissions that I want to do this month. Right now I have 12 submissions pending though, which makes me feel good. I also need to get cracking back on the NaNoWriMo novel that I'm planning. I'll work on that tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday. I'd also like to write sometime soon! Ah man! So many things are eating on my time. I have to get back to it especially if I want this as a career. I need to have several things close to done before I get out there and trying to do something with myself. I don't know. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed and I just have to stop myself from feeling that way!

That's about all for now.

Monday, October 17

Here's my second post. Well... I've been working on my NaNoWriMo novel. I am up to chapter twelve in the planning process. I can't wait until I can finally start writing on it! I find that writing leads me to write more writing. I don't know. I guess it's that mysterious force known as "The Muse." I get stuck in this planning process a bit, but like when I went to work this past Thursday I was stuck at chapter 5, but then I worked on it and I got up to chapter 12.

Today I also worked on getting my acceptance/rejection notebook together. I read on JA Konrath's website how he has over 500 rejections and how his notebook of them are bigger than LA's phone book, so it inspired me to get my own. =)

Well... not too much else has been going on. I'm going to go back to chapter planning now. It'll be the only time I'll be able to work on it really until Friday or Thursday sometime.

Saturday, October 15

Well I have just become completely fed up with my website at Bravehost. I don't know what they're doing, but I have done an account activation around three or four times now and they still keep saying that I need to do it again! Ugh! So I think that Kal and Rottn have the right idea. I'm going to do update type things here, though I guess I'll try to see if I can do something with my website sooner or later. This is just quicker and easier when I want to update my adventures in publishment land!

Well... there is some new news. I had a poem published in Dragons, Knights & Angels Magazine yesterday. It's called Flight for Peace, so check it out. I've been so lazy recently though, and actually really busy with University, too. I haven't submitted any new submissions, but I still have eight pending. One of those are shortlisted as my awesome Aussie crit buddie, Kal, would say. The place said that they would get back in touch with me later this month, and I really hope that it works out. It would be my second paying publication! (DKA was my first.)

Previous publications that I've had: two flash fiction pieces in Runes Magazine (one in Summer and one in Fall), a poem in Sage of Consciousness Online Magazine (Vol. one Issue two), and a poem in Dragons, Knights & Angels Magazine (October).
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