Monday, June 25

Still Time for a Second Chance

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So, the other day, I watched a great movie, even though I'm sure my husband would've preferred something else. I can't help that I enjoy the occasional romantic comedy. I am a romance author after all. *grin* (My usual movie genre is action/adventure or paranormal.)

A few things mentioned in the movie solidly struck home. One of the topics was something I'd been enthusiastic about and on top of at the beginning of the year. Fitness. But as good intentions usually go, I made progress and then flailed around when I hit a rough patch. Although, I won't beat myself up for slipping since that won't fix anything.

The day after watching the movie, I hopped on the elliptical that's been incognito as a coat rack recently, and while I know I have a busy few months ahead of me, I'm adamant to get back on the horse and not neglect the goals I made for myself this year.

Looking at the calendar, July will start the second half of the year. That's still plenty of time to make progress on whatever goals we'd still like to do. Knowing that we're heading into the second part of the year strikes a fire in my belly that I still have time to turn things around, and it's really revved me up.

How about you? Is there anything you resolved to get done this year that you're ready to tackle?

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