Monday, April 23

T is for Tizheruk / Hunky Hero Wrap-up

I had quite a busy weekend, but I'm all caught up with my A to Z Challenge posts now. Check out "S" here. Also, I had a fun interview that posted yesterday at Dawn's Reading Nook.

Finally, I have some news on the giveaway that had been going on this past week. Congratulations to Evita's Reads and Filia Oktarina! I chose two winners for the prize since I had such an amazing turnout of 245 entries! Thanks everyone for entering!

Name: Tizheruk (Also known as Pal-Rai-Yûk)

Type: sea creature

Origin: Inuit mythology

Description: Large snake-like sea creature, which lives near the coast of an Alaska island. It's approximately seven feet long with an alligator-like head, six legs, and a flipper on its tail. The Tizheruk snatches people off piers and boats.

Interesting Facts: Other sea monsters inhabit nearby Canadian waters, the Ogopogo (or Naitaka of the Okanakanes) and the Haietlik of the Nootka. The Ogopogo is believed to live in Okanagan Lake, and the Haietlik is a "Lightning Snake" that shoots lightning from its tongue.

What "T" beings or creatures do you know about?

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