Saturday, April 14

M is for Minotaur

Name: Minotaurs, which means the "Bull of Minos."

Origin: Greek Mythology

Type: Human Hybrid

Description: A little bit about the Minotaur. He has the head of a bull and the body of a man. His parents are the Cretan Bull and Pasiphaë. Pasiphaë was married to King Minos of Crete, but after King Minos had prayed to Poseidon and received support from him, he was supposed to kill the Cretan Bull. He thought it was so beautiful that he couldn't, so he sacrificed one of his own bulls.

For his punishment, Pasiphaë fell in love with the Cretan Bull and had the architect Daedalus build a hollow wooden cow so she could mate with the bull. Minotaur was nursed by his mother until he became fierce and began devouring men. He lives at the center of the Cretan Labyrinth, which was constructed by Daedalus and his son by command of King Minos of Crete.

Interesting Facts: One of the future Athenian king Theseus's acts which helped him to secure his throne was to slay the Minotaur. Also, since some sources don't specify which end is part bull and which is part human, sometimes the Minotaur has a bull's lower half and a human torso.

Have you heard of the Minotaur before?


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