Sunday, October 9

Six Sentence Sunday 7

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Quick note to set it up. This is the sequel to Jungle Heat. It follows the secondary characters, Rubia and Kyle.
Rubia Costa tied down her hammock in a peaceful spot where she went to get away. She'd told no one of this spot, and yet she was within yelling distance of her people. Help would come if the need arose.

She didn't dare venture far from her village. But these days, her village wasn't as calm and mundane as it once had been. So far, she wasn't sure whether that was good or bad.
Jungle Fire available from Changeling Press.
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  1. Great Six...curious as to why she wants to be away from her people, but wondering why she can't venture too far. Nice job

  2. Lovely. A heroine who thinks about safety instead of wandering far from any possible aid. I love a smart heroine.

  3. Every girl needs her space. Sensational six!

  4. Secluded, yet close to home. I have a feeling something (or someone's) gonna find her!


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  5. Thanks for the comments, ladies! You're right, J.C. Rubia's moment of silence won't be lasting too long. *grins*

  6. hmmm, intriguing...

    should it be, 'tie up' her hammock instead of 'tie down'? the latter makes it sounds like it's going to fly away...

  7. Hi Monkey, I don't know. "Tie up" makes me think kinky thoughts. lol ;-) Thanks for the comment!


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