Sunday, October 2

Six Sentence Sunday 6

Ha! Look at that. My sixth Six Sentence Sunday. Isn't that a tongue twister? Feel free to check out my previous entries here.

This week's six continues where we left off the last time. Ian and Hannah had a great kiss, but it's time for them to get to work.
Ian grinned and reached for his white towel. "I'll go hop in the shower real quick." He wiped off his face and hung the towel around his shoulders as he sauntered away.

Hannah's life had been a roller coaster after reuniting with Ian, her once ex-boyfriend. Now he was her partner in their private investigation company, Hacked Investigations, which specialized in technology-related crimes. The clientele so far had kept them busy, with common requests that involved backtracking various network intrusions to their point of origin and leaving the rest to the customers.
Savage Bytes, Book 2 of the Hacked Investigations series, available from Changeling Press.

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  1. Great scene, Sarah. Setting them up for a whole lot more kissing!

  2. Thanks for the comments, Randi and Sandra! I really appreciate them. :-D


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