Monday, May 2


I have awesome news to share today! I was offered contracts for two stories (one is cyberpunk and the other is a paranormal romance).  I’d done a pitch session during DigiCon at SavvyAuthors in February, and I got two requests. So! I sent them off. Recently, when I checked up on one of them, I was told they were in the contest since they’d been submitted during the time when it was going on. Well, I tied for the win! Yay! :-D

I’m blown away and super excited! If you'd like to read the "contest winner info," it's here under Extras.

For everyone that followed me during the A to Z Challenge, my typical blogging schedule is Mondays: writing topic, (new thing) every other Tuesdays: guest blogger, Wednesdays: paranormal/mythology topic, and Fridays: about my books/me and my Weekly Wrap Up. Today is obviously off-topic, but I so can't hold in this news until Friday! haha

If you'd like to be a guest blogger here, please email me at sarah (at) sarahmakela (dot) com.


  1. Woot! Congratulations!

    I have an award for you HERE

  2. Hooray! Good job. Are both stories novella length?

  3. Christine and Cathy, thank you! I'm super excited.

    C R, thanks! Awww! I really appreciate the award. :-D

    Elizabeth, thank you! Yep, they're both novella length. They're the first books in two separate series as well.

  4. Congrats Sarah! :-D I'm so excited for you!

  5. Kinley, thank you! :-D I'm so excited too!

  6. Congrats, that's wonderful news. :)

    A to Z was fun, and I'm looking forward to your future postings.

  7. Hi Claire! Thank you!! I agree, the A to Z challenge was fun. I'm glad you're enjoying my blog. =)


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