Monday, May 9

Experimenting with Genres

Okay, so it's kind of a given, and it's good to do in all aspects of life. How does skydiving sound? How about taking a pottery class? Having hobbies and exploring things you haven't tried before can bring new excitement and happiness. How does this relate to writing?

Well, I recently delved into the genre of cyberpunk romance. It's new for me, and something I've been wanting to try for a while. In January, I jumped right in and loved it. Last November for National Novel Writing Month, I tried my hand at writing post-apocalyptic paranormal romance. I've done paranormal romance, but the post-apoc part made it feel like such an experiment. That novel was lots of fun to write too. It gave me a chance to try something new and exciting.

Of course, I've heard that people should stick with one genre and go-go-go. Practice your craft and hone your skills. I agree. I've completed 2.5 urban fantasy novels, 4 paranormal romances (and 1 novella), a sweet contemporary, and a cyberpunk romance novella. I can definitely say that sweet contemporary isn't my best genre, or one I'd likely retry in the future. I've gained enough experience with urban fantasy and paranormal romance to know that I love it, but it's good to try new things, especially if you're starting to feel blah.

Maybe you'll find a new favorite genre, or maybe you'll be able to say you've tried it and it's not for you. People shouldn't go chasing the newest trend, but who knows? There's always something to learn, and maybe you and the genre will just click.

So have you tried a new genre or different kind of project that has really excited you recently? Are you planning on it?


  1. Yes! I'm not going to be stuck in one genre, I'm definitely trying to find my proper "niche". Good for you and your changes - I'm going to try for paranormal next (still on suspense at the moment)

  2. Hey Sue, thanks for stopping by and commenting! I agree. Same here. I'm totally not going to get stuck in one genre either. I do think people should write a couple of books in a particular genre to see if they like it and to hone some skills, but it's also great to try new things. Heck, I'm supremely happy with my idea to try out cyberpunk. lol!

    That's great that you're going to be trying out a paranormal next! If there's any genre I'd ever try out that didn't have any paranormal or fantasy leanings, it'd be romantic suspense.

  3. I've never been stuck in one genre, I'm stuck with the stories the universe gives me. However I do find things in common across all the genres I write, and I recognize them as parts of me and what I think are the best of humanity--no matter how dark or light I write. I would say if you find a story that calls to you write it no matter what the genre. Don't worry, you'll learn something that you can apply to all your writing.
    I'll be keeping an eye out for your cyberpunk novel.

  4. Thanks for commenting, Linda! I agree. It's awesome to write the stories that come to you without feeling pressured about where the story falls into the genres. =) Awesome! I'll be sure to announce when it releases.

  5. I think you are right. Switching tracks can revitalize the creative process and challenge us to learn new things and experiment.

    There's a present for you on my blog. :)


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