Friday, April 15

M is for Misty Night

Hey everyone. Sorry for the tardiness of this post! You may notice that it's not a blog post describing a creature of mythology. But, it is on a mythological being all the same in the form of flash fiction for the Blogaversary Blogfest and the A to Z challenge.

I hope you enjoy this piece. Let me know what you think in the comments section!

Misty Night
by Sarah Mäkelä

I swam through the sea, exploring my surroundings as fish mamboed around me. Popping my head up out of the water, I noticed the moon shining through the misty night sky. My attention swerved to a nearby island, and I gasped as my gazes met with a huge dark mongrel of myth. His musky scent drifted to my nostrils on the soft sea breeze. A splash sounded from behind me, and I turned away for a moment. But nothing was there. When I looked back to where the large dog had been, it was gone.


  1. A nice compact story. The words are not forced and the flow is easy and subtle. Well done.

  2. Very interesting a good read. You incorporated the words nicely.

  3. Okay, I know it's a flash and it's awesome as a flash, but I want more!

  4. I enjoyed reading that, you did a good job getting a complete story in that short of space.

    Though I agree with C R Ward, I want more to :)

  5. leaves me wanting more

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone! I'm really glad you all enjoyed reading it. =)


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