Sunday, November 13

Six Sentence Sunday 10

Hi everyone! Whoa, I'm amazed that this is my tenth week doing Six Sentence Sunday! Can you believe it? Click here to view my previous entries.

Quick note to set it up. This week skips a couple paragraphs ahead in Jungle Fire from my last Six Sentence Sunday post. We're drawing closer to my favorite part of the scene. *grins*
He winked and sat next to her in the hammock. It tilted enough that she slid closer to him.

Her hip bumped his, and her nerves tingled. She crawled away. Unfortunately, he must have taken that as an invitation to come closer, since he lay next to her. "What are you doing?"
Jungle Fire available from Changeling Press.

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  1. Can't wait to see what the answer is...will it be spoken or shown in action? *wink*

  2. this poor girl will never get her alone time. ;-)

  3. Aimee - Oh yeah! I agree. Although writing this made me one a hammock so much. lol

    Lex & Inger - Thanks! *grins*

    Christine - Hehe... Well, it'll be a little of both, but more action than verbal... :-)

    Krystal - You're not kidding! lol

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

  4. Persistent guys can be so much fun to write (and to read!). Great six!


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