Thursday, March 17

Looking for Agents and Editors?

Recently at Castles & Guns, there have been several visiting the blog. I'm thrilled with the wealth of knowledge brewing up over there.

Here's the rundown.

Agent Saritza Hernandez: 10 Answers from Agent Saritza Hernandez She represents, "Primarily romance. I'm currently representing all sorts of romance with a special interest in GLBT-themed erotic romance such as male/male but I also represent gay fiction, urban fantasy, and paranormal suspense. I have several clients whose works straddle genres, but erotic romance is my favorite and what I love to work with the most."

Agent Marlene Stringer: What's Hot, What's Not: A Q&A with Agent Marlene Stringer She represents, "In fiction, Stringer Literary Agency welcomes queries in mystery, thriller, contemporary and urban fantasy, romance, women's fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, and Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction. The agency also represents select non-fiction."

Publisher Christina Brashear, Samhain Publishing: Interview with Christina Brashear, Publisher of Samhain Publishing Samhain's submission guidelines are at

Acquisitions Editor Donna O'Brien, Crescent Moon Press: Interview with Acquisitions Editor Donna O'Brien She's looking for, "Crescent Moon Press as a whole publishes high quality fantasy, futuristic and paranormal romantic fiction. Me personally? I like the dark stuff! LOL Give me a dark hero that needs to be saved by the heroine or some epic dark drama that they both have to navigate and survive. I also like stories with lots of magic and then I grew up watching sci-fi with my Dad, so that always has a special place in my heart. So…I guess, what…that’s everything! LOL And of course, there must always be the romance."

Entangled Publishing: Entangled in Publishing's Brave New World Entangled's submission guidelines are at

Acquisitions Editor Lin Browne, Crescent Moon Press: Interview with Acquisitions Editor Lin Browne She's looking for, "Everything CMP looks at—fantasy, science fiction, paranormals and any variation on those themes with some degree of romance. I like it all. I am particularly excited to see science fiction and high fantasy romances. I do read YA, and like it, but I prefer adult-focused books. However, if you have a great YA story, feel free to send it to me—especially if it’s science fiction. I’m also comfortable editing any heat level. CMP doesn’t accept erotica or erotic romance, but if you write toward the hotter end of the spectrum, I’ll look at it. Oh and if you happen to write funny, PLEASE send it my way. I love funny. Dark is good too, but I find funny is much harder to pull off so if you manage it, I want to see it."

Coming soon:

March 23rd at Castles & Guns: Acquisitions Editor Sherry Soule, Crescent Moon Press.

March 30th at Castles & Guns: Acquisitions Editor Rochelle French, Crescent Moon Press.

I hope this blog helps anyone out there querying and submitting!

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