Sunday, March 14

Just finished reading...

Kiss Me Deadly by Michele Hauf.

I started this book in February, but between revising the novel I'm currently querying agents and then getting things ready like my query letter and synopsis finished, I didn't put too much though toward reading. That being said, the beginning was a little hard to get into with this novel. The book is about witches and vampires being enemies, but as witch Ravin Crosse is making a love potion for the devil, Nikolaus Drake comes in and is affected by the love potion. He then "falls in love" with her. But does he really feel love for her? The characters, Ravin Crosse and Nikolaus Drake, were great. They each deal with the struggle of having fallen for their enemy, which is cool. I also liked how witches are a little "more than human" and can live for centuries. I was surprised that their intimate relations began so early in the novel. It wasn't really a novel that I couldn't put down, but all-in-all, it was a steamy good book.

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