Wednesday, March 3

The Beginning of a New Month!

This month has gotten off to a great start. I began submitting to agents with a partial request so far. Yippee! (Need to send out a few more to keep a good number out there without saturating the "agent market.") I had an epic battle with my synopsis, which I won. =) Also, it's the month of my birthday. I did some sightseeing with my family yesterday at Bok Tower in Lake Wales, FL and went to Keel & Curley winery. Keel & Curley has great wines. Yumm!

Today I'm feeling under the weather. lol Blah... Threw off the idea that I'd spend more time with the family (some of which are in town from Finland), but there's still tomorrow.

As a new thing on the blog, I'm going to have guests on Fridays. This Friday, we'll have Tierney O'Malley with us, which I'm excited about. She's a great writer and a good friend. =)

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