Monday, March 22

Interesting Links and Information

As I said yesterday, I find all kinds of interesting links and information while on Twitter, so I thought I would share some of what I saw last week with you guys.

  1. Dabwaha - - Best way to describe it is that it's a tournament style competition with books instead of sports where people fill out brackets of which book they think could go all the way.
  2. Barbara Vey's 3rd Anniversary Party - - This past week, Barbara Vey has been having her third anniversary party at her blog. She is a contributing editor at Publishers Weekly.
  3. 9 Steps For Plotting Fiction - - This is a great way to looking at loosely plotting. I did something similar to this with a paranormal romance novel I wrote in 2007-2008, and it was so easy to figure out where I was going with the novel.
  4. Urban Fantasy Sampler - - "Pocket’s prepared a great PDF sampler of new urban fantasy (Juno and not). Read chapter excerpts from the latest and upcoming books plus cool exclusive content from some of the authors — including Juno’s Laura Bickle, Lori Devoti, Seressia Glass, and Stacia Kane as well as Jeri Smith-Redy and Sonya Bateman." I've started reading it, and it definitely seems cool.
  5. To Brand Or Not To Brand - - This is an interesting article on branding. It's such a well-discussed subject these days. Also, Magical Words is really neat in general with lots of writing tips.
  6. Spacefreighters Lounge: Emotion Thesaurus - - This shows an example of the Emotion Thesaurus, which gives other options to when a writers needs to convey a character is angry, happy, reluctant, etc.
  7. - - A great website with a wealth of information. Does have Membership capabilities which give even more, but even if you don't want a membership, they have a great list of industry and author blogs and workshops.
And that's about it for this entry. I hope these links are as helpful and entertaining for you as they were for me.

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