Wednesday, August 3

What kind of supernatural being do you want more of?

First of all, I hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday! Mine has been a little hit or miss so far. My interenet refuses to work, so here I am blogging from my phone. *grimace* Due to that, I'm going to keep this post fairly short.

I did an interview with Marsha A. Moore for tomorrow, and she asked a fabulous question about the fact I have a technomage and weretiger, which are both atypical magical beings and what was enjoyable about writing them? That made me think since although I haven't seen many other technomages (and weretigers are kind of rare), I hadn't thought I was working with such unique beings. Her related question was what other magical beings would I like to write in the future. To find out my answer, you'll need to check back... but that leads me to my question for all of you.

What magical beings (paranormal or mythological) would you like to read more of?

I can't wait to see your answers!

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