Tuesday, February 1

And the Waiting Begins

Hey everyone! Right when I state my great intentions last week of sticking with Monday blogging, I slack yesterday. Okay, I really take that back. Yesterday wasn't a lazy day for me. As last week's post stated, I've been immersed in revising, and yesterday was the culmination of that as I dove toward the finish line to get my novella in before the submission deadline. And that leads me to today's post.

The waiting game. Waiting can be challenging, but I think it's hardest when you send out a freshly revised manuscript for the first time. My head is all buzzed with thoughts of "This is the one! Woo!" and "Oh no, what if I missed something?" It's the rush of a newly submitted project, especially since that project has been one of the most fun I've worked on in a while, and it's in an entirely different genre. I'm also on edge since I tried out a more effective way to revise. My critique partner even commented on the draft being cleaner! Woo!

Anyways, I know that one of the best ways to deal with waiting is to write the next book. Although, for me, that'll be editing my 2010 nanowrimo.org novel. But what other ways do you handle the waiting process while on submission? You know, besides from constant email checking. *grins*


  1. Constant e-mail checking is pretty much my process!

  2. LOL- I hear ya on the constant email checking- the only other thing is I make sure I have another project to work on...keep my tiny brain occupied ;).

    Good luck!


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