Friday, January 17

Join the Pack! 99c Book Sale + $100 GC Giveaway

Hey everyone! If you want to fill your Kindles and Nooks with some great shapeshifter romance, this is a perfect time! This weekend (1/17-1/19), you have ten titles available for the picking at only $0.99! That's a treat, but not all we're offering. Scroll down to enter to win a $100 Gift Card (Amazon or BN, your choice)!

Hunted: A Shifter's World Novella - Ruby Fielding (Amazon | B&N)

To Catch a Wolf - Lynn Red (Amazon | B&N)

Curves for the Lone Alpha - Molly Prince (Amazon)

Pack Mistress - Evelyn Lafont (Amazon | B&N)

The Killing Moon - V J Chambers (Amazon | B&N)

The Witch Who Cried Wolf - Sarah Mäkelä (Amazon | B&N)

Taming The Alpha - Adriana Hunter (Amazon | B&N)

The Alpha's Mate - Michelle Fox (Amazon | B&N)

Hunter's Moon - Tabitha Connal (Amazon | B&N)

Resisting The Alpha - Liliana Rhodes (Amazon | B&N)

Double check the prices of the books before you buy since they're accurate at now, but they aren't guaranteed and can change without warning.

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