Saturday, June 1

My Sexy Saturday - On Thin Ice

Hey everyone,

Thank you for joining me for the first My Sexy Saturday! This week, I'm sharing a sexy snippet from On Thin Ice, which just came out on Thursday. It's the second book in my Super Powered superhero series.

I'd love to hear what you think in the comments section!

Excerpt from Chapter One

“Why are you following me?” He took off his baseball hat and ran his hand through his hair before putting the cap back on. “You should be inside with the others. The police will want to talk with you.”

“I wanted to thank you. How did you know to come?” She couldn’t resist her draw to him. Like a lightning bolt, realization struck her. She knew where she’d seen him before. She’d dreamt of him.

“The police will be arriving soon enough. I came because it was the right thing to do.” He turned, but she reached out, touching his arm. Solid muscle hid beneath the surface of his skin. Holy crap, was she really checking him out when she’d been in a robbery moments ago? Yet she couldn’t help herself.

He slid his gaze her way, not breaking the contact between them. Just stayed there as if experiencing the same spark she was.

“I’m sorry,” Erica said, pulling away after a moment. “I guess --”

“You’re still in shock. It’s okay.” He smiled, and the gesture lit his entire face. “Go back to the store. It’s safer in there.”

She didn’t know about that. She liked being here with him, but he was right. The police would want to hear her description of what happened. Besides, she didn’t want to walk home after that. She’d rather call a cab.

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