Monday, January 10

Busy, busy...

This month looks like it's not letting up. I'm busy, busy, busy! But what better way to start a new year than that? What am I juggling? Writing (and then revising) a novella, revising a novel to share with my critique group, and being a good critique partner for my critique group (oh, and ya know, a good wife, healthy eater, etc., etc., etc). I think I'm really looking forward to February. lol!

But, I think I've done pretty well with the juggling so far. I'm nearly half-way through the novella; okay, I've only revised 1 chapter of my novel... pffft!; I've also participated with the critique group, so I'm not horrible there; and the good wife stuff... eh... I'm sure hubby would think so. =) But... no perverted thoughts, okay? *grin*

Anyways, just popping by to say hello and give an update! Now back to work for me.


Thanks for stopping by! I love getting new comments, and I hope to see yours soon.

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