Monday, June 21

Revised query, check!

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I hope everyone had a Happy Father's Day yesterday!

Today I've spent some time revising my query letter, which has done pretty good so far. It took me several hours to do, but I'm more content with it than I have been previously. I had some great writing resources to stare at while in the process of revising it too. There's Query Shark, Jill Corcoran's Formula For A Query Letter, and Guide to Literary Agents' How to Write a Query Letter. If you're looking to write or perfect a query letter, Query Shark is a great place to go, but all of those resources are really good.

Anyways, I can't believe it's nearing the end of June. Between writing and the FIFA World Cup, where has the month gone? Not that I completely mind, since I'm highly anticipating next month with the 2010 RWA National Convention at Swan and Dolphin in Orlando, FL. Woohoo!

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