Sunday, June 17

to edit or not to edit, that is the question

So, I'm here in Finland with my fiance and having a good time. I have needless to say not done much editing. It's sad, depressing, etc. I still have a chance to make it right though. I must get the novel edited!!!!! MUST! I will just try to keep pushing away at it. I keep saying, oh yes, I will edit my novel today, but then my attention gets turned to something else and I am like "oooohhh... shiny object...." and forget my plan of editing until I'm so tired that I'm like.... "edit... sleep... edit... sleep.... oh darnit, I'm going to sleep." I shall make a change! So, here I am, I shall go off and try to find something to eat, and then... I will get started on editing. Finally. Mark my words, it shall get done!

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  1. Hi Sarah, How exciting to be in Finland and being with your fiance has to be the best!!!

    I saw on the TARAthat you're published. I didn't know that. How awesome. What have you published? I'd love to read it. :)


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