Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother's Day

Seven pages today! Hooray! I didn't even do half of what I had written down to do. I could probably work on it, too and get more written, but it's 3:00AM and alas, I can't sleep until 1PM tomorrow unfortunately since it'll be Mother's Day, and I'll be having brunch with her. (Breakfast technically because I don't get into that whole brunch thing, but by the time that I'll probably be eating it the average breakfast hours will be over, so it won't technically be breakfast, but oh well. =P)

I went to the RWA meeting today. It was wonderful. Diana Peterfreund spoke about Secondary Characters and Subplots as well as Writing YA Fiction. They were all very, very interesting topics, and I learned a lot out of it. I got several names of agents to check into and a better understanding of how I can spot the different subplots in stories. On a subconscious level it's probably easy to figure out, but when I try to look for things like that I just see story. It's probably a sign that the author did such a great job with sucking me into the story that I don't bothering with trying to hunt it all up, but oh well... lol.

Status on novel: Approximately 56 pages to go, which means I'll probably be done within 14 days.


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